The forthcoming Coffee Lecture will be held on Wednesday 10th October. The lecturer, Elizabeth Willms, will be discussing a painting by the English artist George Clausen, entitled The Haymaker: A Study in Shadows.

The lecture will explore George Clausen’s artistic career, which began with a struggle, as he was rejected for the cold realism which was present in his art. Clausen’s work was considered to be shocking and revolutionary within the British art scene in the late 1880’s. Clausen experimented with impressionism and realism in spite of rejection he faced and was eventually celebrated by the critics who had previously attacked him. Clausen went on to become a professor at the Royal Academy, where he lectured extensively on subjects such as Realism and Impressionism, plein-air painting, and the effects of shadow and light in art.

The lecture will be held in the gallery at 11am, and will be followed by tea and coffee with the lecturer. Fee €5, Please contact the Gallery Reception on 01 222 5564 to book a place.